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CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging

Please be careful when purchasing wax melts/candles. It is a legal requirement that the correct labelling is on all products and visibly displayed.

This information is there to protect you the consumer as well as the producer/candle maker. CLP labels will display ingredients which are in the fragrance or essential oil within the product and if necessary but not always any warning pictograms ⚠️. This will generally apply to the fragrance or essential oils as perfume is classed as a sensitiser.

Any candle maker not displaying this information is not only breaking the law and faces coming under fire from Trading Standards but also it will show they have not taken the time to properly invest into their product or business.

Your probably wondering “why do I need this information? I just want nice smelling melts “

Well in truth you may not ever need to look at this information however, if for example a child or pet was to accidently eat a product and you needed to take he or she to get medical attention, the dr or vet would more than likely want to know what they had eaten. Another example might be if you are allergic to a particular ingredient that you know of you’d want to know this. Makes sense right?

The level of ingredients in the fragrance or essential oils which are in wax melts is so minimal that it is very unlikely it would cause a reaction. However it is still a legal requirement regardless, that any possible hazards or allergens are clearly labelled.

Aside from having pretty looking wax melts/candles/home fragrances this shows the maker has invested much time, research and money ensuring they are compliant with CLP (classification, labelling, packaging legislation), have a clear understanding of what it means and has your best interest at heart.

CLP labelling must always be displayed on the outer packaging . A candle safety label should also be on the packaging.

At Aroma Springs extensive research has gone into making our melts. We use only the highest quality fragrance oils and soy wax in our melts, sourced from No 1 leading supplier.

We are still growing and developing new and innovative ideas in order to give you the best possible shopping experience we can, and provide hours of beautiful fragrances.

We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy your wax melt journey with us!